Breakfast Mustn’t Be Skipped: Here’s What You Can Eat

Several times, you must decide to skip the morning meal altogether as you are late on your schedule. If you are not aware, let us reiterate that breakfast should not be ignored as it’s the first meal of the day, and it will help you break the all-night fast. The reasons behind skipping breakfast can be anything, from oversleeping to an early meeting or getting high traffic in the commute. Multiple reports claim 25% of Americans skip breakfast daily. This meal of the day is crucial in offering you a better routine to increase your metabolism.

Also, most of us get up from the bed in a cranked and groggy mood. It will not be the best day to look for if we are getting ready and leaving for work/school without eating anything. A few studies suggest that having a nutritious breakfast will make us more productive and efficient at work, and there are also signs that it improves our memory. When you include breakfast in your routine, it will significantly help in boosting your concentration. If you put such high stress on your body by skipping breakfast, it will give you high body inflammation and chronic stress.

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If you are one of those people who love cereals, oatmeal is the perfect breakfast dish for you. This meal will help you fetch down the cholesterol levels, all thanks to fiber present in ground oats, i.e., oat beta-glucan. This slimy fiber content will give you the feeling of getting full. Oats are also a pretty rich source of antioxidants, maintaining good blood pressure and overall enhancing heart functions.

Greek Yogurt

Not only is it one of the most delicious and creamy food items, but the list of nutritions that it has to offer is also endless. It’s a rich source of protein, all thanks to the extraction of whey and other highly nutritious fluids from milk curd. As Greek Yogurt is rich in protein, it will not let you feel that you are hungry quite often. If you are used to consuming carbs, you will find a significant change in the metabolic rate that you will get with this yogurt.


Well, it’s the best food item that can be easily consumed and is highly nutritious. Various studies are done to find out about its benefits. Almost all of them concluded that eggs would make you feel full, along with offering balanced blood sugar and insulin. The yolk part of the egg will come with a couple of antioxidants, zeaxanthin, and lutein. They are pretty helpful in preventing eye diseases/disorders such as macular degeneration. Eggs are also the primary source of Choline, the nutrient responsible for maintaining liver and brain health.




If there is any beverage that can boost your day, it’s coffee. The high caffeine content will help you get a better mood, mental efficiency and stay alert throughout the day. There are more than 40 studies conducted to find the right amount. The range of 38 to 400 milligrams is considered the best to get positive results, and there will be no side effects. It will also help in burning the fat quite quickly. A study claimed that 100mg of caffeine intake would burn up to 150 calories in a day. Apart from coffee, you can also go for green tea. It is one of the best beverages with multiple benefits and is supremely beneficial for people with diabetes.