Brighten Your Smile: Top Food Choices To Keep Your Teeth White

Before we dive into the factors that you can choose to avoid staining your teeth, it’s important to know what are the significant factors that are causing the dullness. In your daily routine, tea, coffee, red wine, etc., are just a few items that might be responsible for your dull teeth. The issue of staining is quite common and in a majority of cases, these stains will limit themselves to the enamel, or the tooth’s upper layer. Once you decide to do something about it, the very first reaction will be to search for the products that claim to whiten your teeth in no time. Along with toothpaste and gels, if you consult a dentist, they will recommend going for the bleaching process.I am not saying that these techniques aren’t effective, but not everyone will be able to afford them. Bleaching or trying different products will bring multiple chemicals into your mouth and it can turn out to be quite dangerous. Another way that you can opt for is to consume the food that has the potential to help you avoid getting such stains and dullness. Before you resort to only having these foods, let me assure you that there are a couple of studies that show these foods work but there is no solid scientific proof.

Brighten Your Smile

Brighten Your Smile


To lighten the teeth’ color or you can say in order to brighten your teeth, malic acid will be highly responsible. Watermelon will have this acid in abundance and it will also be a factor in enhancing saliva formation. However, apart from malic acid, there are also some thoughts that claim the fibrous texture of a watermelon will cleanse the outer layer. There is no scientific evidence.

Apple & Carrot

Everyone is aware of the fact that these two are quite a huge source of healthy vitamins and minerals. These food items will increase the saliva in the mouth and it will act as a natural cleanser. The acids and minerals present in apples and carrots will also be responsible to get rid of all the bacteria. The crunchiness that’s present here will provide a good scrub. Additionally, it will also deal with bad odor.


Yes, strawberries will put a stain on your shirt but will definitely take it away from your teeth, which I believe is a win-win. Like watermelon, strawberries will also be rich in malic acid and you can make use of it. You can crush a couple of strawberries and rub them on your teeth using your index finger. Once applied well, leave in for 5 minutes and then rinse out with water. Brush and floss as you do.



Citrus Fruits (Orange, Pineapple, Etc.)

All the fruits, vegetables, or any food item that can help in creating more saliva will be good to brighten your teeth. Fruits like oranges and pineapples are also very good options. Along with the saliva, the citrus and acidic element in these fruits will also act as a cleanser. Avoid the direct application of lemon on your teeth, as it contains way higher acidic qualities. It has the potential to damage your teeth.


Milk is a rich source of lactic acid and it can add some brightening effect to your enamel. It will also enhance saliva creation which will eventually wash away all the bacteria, as it’s a natural cleanser. There is also a protein named casein present in the milk that will avoid your teeth to get stained.

Bonus: How much time will it take to whiten teeth?

There is no proof or fact that can claim the time taken by these aforementioned food items to brighten your teeth. You must know that it will take a bit longer than the products that are made to brighten your teeth.