‘Fast And Feast’ Diet Works For Weight Loss

Everyone will agree that a low-carb diet works and does the job brilliantly when it comes to losing weight, but it can be a hard one to maintain. For sure, a more straightforward option may be to stop eating every other day to lose weight efficiently. The Fast and Feast diet is also known to many as the Alternate-Day Fasting (ADF). It requires the participant to fast for a day and then “eat away” the next day and continue the process along that same path. The first time this diet plan came into existence, there was a one month trial, and volunteers noted they lost up to seven pounds by trying it. So, could it be the best and most effective plan to implement?

How Effective Is The ADF Diet

How Effective Is The ADF Diet

How Possible Is Weight Loss on the ADF?

Many people are skeptical about this diet as they ponder how those on a diet lose weight when on feast days, they generally eat up to 30% more than the usual. However, one needs to focus on the fact that fewer calories are still being consumed because of the fasting days. The Fast and Feast Diet is similar to intermittent fasting as those using only eat at a select time and choose their foods based on specific criteria.
Frank Madeo, a senior author for the study that was conducted, noted that the volunteers were determined and complied with all the instructions. But for now, that’s where the real problem comes in…how does one stay true to always following the rules when there are so many temptations going around. As the study is on-going, Madeo notes there is no negative feedback for one’s immune system when they try the ADF diet. However, other studies that require similar guidelines (lower calorie intake) hurt one’s immune system. Well, at least for the short-term study, ADF didn’t show anything.

How Effective is the ADF Diet?

Over the past few years, intermittent fasting diets have gained traction and have become popular among many public figures like Jimmy Kimmel and Beyonce. They have both used the diet plan to lose weight and have reported much success. Take, for instance, on a regular day, you would normally intake up to 2,000 calories without exercise; those would keep adding up over a while. Two days would be a total of 4,000 calories. However, with a fasting diet, on fasting days, you may only intake 500 calories while on feast days, you may intake up to 2,500 calories. So, over two days, you would intake 1,000 calories less than without a diet.

How the ADF Diet Works?

When you are trying the ADF diet, on fasting days, you will eat light (or juice only) between certain hours like 8 am to 3 pm. This tactic reduces the chance of you eating what you shouldn’t and only during hours when you are mobile. You want to ensure you are constantly burning calories, so even when you eat during the morning, you have the chance to burn some off before the day’s end. Also, ensure when you make your meals, you have a bit from all the nutrient groups.

Many have tried the Alternate-Day Fasting (Fast and Feast Diet) and have had success stories. However, you must understand it is not an easy journey, and you have to stay focus, committed, and determined. So, are you up for the challenge?

'Fast And Feast' Diet Works For Weight Loss

‘Fast And Feast’ Diet Works For Weight Loss