Social Distancing Measures Can Help Maintain Our Health, How?

If someone has said this term to us a year before, we must have asked them, are you gone mad? Then, our worst nightmare became true and the novel coronavirus has claimed millions of lives, yet. Governments shut down everything and released guidelines related to social distancing and made masks a necessity.

Social Distancing Measures Can Help Maintain Our Health

Social Distancing Measures Can Help Maintain Our Health

In simple terms, social distancing translates to maintaining a minimum distance of at least 5 feet. The biggest advantage that you will get by following these guidelines is that you will find yourself less exposed out in the world. You should also not step out of your home for unnecessary things and make sure that only one person from the family goes out. It will also be quite helpful in limiting your exposure to the virus. Just like a wildfire, we also witnessed an exponential rise of the novel coronavirus where it took more than 2 months to infect 100,000 people. Next, it just took 12 days, and lastly, it just took 2 days to infect more than a hundred thousand people. The countries having a larger population are more viable to this spread and it’s necessary to put a curb before things get out of hand. Here are a few benefits of following social distancing norms.

Containment Strategy

The biggest and most important benefit that social distancing offers is that it restricts the virus to jump from one person to another. Health experts believe that the correct implementation of these guidelines will give us a better mitigation strategy than everything else.

No Overload On Health Institutions

As the health infrastructure isn’t quite adequate in a majority of the countries, exposing yourself to the virus will be an irresponsible deed and you will be willingly putting an extra load on already stuffed health institutions.

Checking Exponential Rise

When a larger section of our population will be staying home along with proper hygiene, it’s evident that the virus will not infect them. When the numbers will not go significantly up, the health system will be able to deal with all the cases easily.

What Can I Do To Help

What Can I Do To Help

What Can I Do To Help?

That’s the question we have seen asking a lot of people. It’s not much. Everyone can help by strictly following the guidelines that are issued by the authorities. In countries like South Korea, the virus was successfully contained to the first 30 patients who were tested positive. But the 31st person didn’t follow the guidelines and attended 4 public events and got herself the tag of ‘super spreader’. This unlawful act cost the country more than a million Covid-19 cases. Here are a few things that you can do to help.