The Advantages Of Chocolate

We have heard it countless times that chocolate is good for us, especially if it is the dark ones. For sure, many medical test and assessments have concluded that chocolate is indeed good for us and do possess a lot of nutrients that impact the body positively. Chocolate is a bi-product of the cocoa tree and is one of the plants with the highest amounts of antioxidants the body needs for health protection. Yeah, the plant itself has more direct benefits than when they are processed into these high-sugar bars and provides the body with a lot of well-needed benefits. When you consider getting dark chocolate (maybe eating the plant itself), you stand the chance of gaining a lot of positives to include a food that is:

The Advantages Of Chocolate

The Advantages Of Chocolate


Chocolate with a high-dose of cocoa has quite a lot of benefits for the body as it is loaded with lots of minerals and soluble fiber. It is rich in nutrients such as protein, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, and much more. However, consuming too much can increase your daily calorie intake by a lot. There may also be a small amount of caffeine, but not enough to keep you awake all night.

Rich in Antioxidants

Dark chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants to the body needs to eliminate the high onslaught of harmful foreign elements. These antioxidants are rich in organic compounds to include flavonols and polyphenols. The cocoa plant is considered a power food when it comes to this element and is used worldwide for this major advantage. Studies have shown chocolate has more antioxidants than blueberries (which is also said to have high amounts).

Effective in Improving Blood Flow and Lowering Your Blood

Dark chocolate contains flavonols which are powerful in creating a barrier of safety for the lining of the blood vessels and arteries and produces nitric oxide (NO) in the process. The nitric oxide is efficient in sending signals to the brain and heart to aid in promoting relaxation and easy blood flow to the heart. This feature then reduces the chance of a raised blood pressure and contributes to reducing possible shock waves with the heart. Cocoa contains a bioactive element which gradually stabilizes one’s blood pressure.

Effective In Improving Blood Flow And Lowering Your Blood

Effective In Improving Blood Flow And Lowering Your Blood

Efficient in Raising HDL LEvels and Protecting LDL from Oxidation

Your heart health is one of the most important aspects of your well being, and as such, you want to ensure it is in good shape. Eating dark chocolate has its benefit in reducing any risk issues relating to the heart. When one consumes dark chocolate, they stand the chance of having oxidized LDL cholesterol decreased, especially in men. It aids in increasing the overall HDL levels in all who suffer from high cholesterol. Insulin resistance may also be reduced when you eat dark chocolate as it provides antioxidant levels in ridding the body of unwanted elements.

Strong in Reducing Heart Disease

Eating dark chocolate helps to reduce the storage of cholesterol in the arteries that may eventually hurt the heart in the long run. Also, consuming chocolate at least twice or more times per week will help to reduce the build-up of calcified plaque in the arteries.

If you have not been doing it, you may want to consider eating some dark chocolate based on the health benefits for your body.