Top 6 Foods That Are Worst For Your Teeth

There is a saying that you might have heard, you are what you eat. And to an excellent extent, it’s true and can be best seen through your teeth. The primary reason behind the deteriorating health of your teeth is plaque, and it is caused by a vast number of drinks, beverages, and other meals. If you are not familiar with what plaque is, it’s a bacteria-loaded film that sticks on your teeth and ends up the primary patron of multiple gum diseases and decay that occurs in the teeth.
Here are the top 6 foods that you must avoid.

Unhealthy Foods

Unhealthy Foods


Yes, the bread that you so keenly pick up from the supermarket is one of the primary contributors to the teeth diseases you might face. When you chew the bread, the saliva breaks the starch into sugar pieces and creates a gummy substance. It will then stick into the crevices of the teeth. Once it becomes a regular thing, it will start creating cavities.


Alcohol consumption is harmful to health. It’s a fact that is known to everyone. There is also more to it that you should know. When you consume alcohol, it dries your mouth quite significantly. When you do not have the saliva in your mouth, it will encourage food to stick even more. It would help to keep your mouth well hydrated by opting for multiple oral solutions and drinking plenty of water.

Carbonated Drinks

There is not a wide range of “good” with carbonated drinks such as soda, Coke, etc. The word ‘diet’ will also not make any of the difference. A few recent studies pointed out that if you are consuming carbonated drinks in heavy quantities, it will hurt your body to the extent where the effects will be similar to that of consuming cocaine and meth.


The fruits such as oranges, lemons, etc., are the primary source of vitamin C, and the juice is also considered quite healthy. The acidic nature will wear away all the enamel, and once it’s gone, the teeth will be much more exposed to start decaying. Suppose you are also just squeezing a little amount of lemon in the water. In that case, it will make it acidic, and to extract their antioxidants and vitamins in the most efficient way, take them at mealtime and thoroughly rinse your mouth afterward.

Potato Chips

Who can deny the enormous satisfaction a perfect crunchy potato chip can offer. It rushes the adrenaline through our veins, but these chips are also loaded with starch. Saliva will break it into sugar pieces, and once they are stuck between the teeth, it will further fuel the plaque. It is impossible that you just ate one, and as you finish the whole bag, it is grasping its roots more easily. Floss is a must to clear your mouth with trapped particles.

Potato Chips (2)

Potato Chips


Candy is a bad thing, and you shouldn’t eat it. The damage further intensifies with the sour candies. There are various types of acids that you will be feeding yourself that are harmful to your teeth’ overall health. The sour candies will also remain in your mouth for a much longer time as they are pretty sticky and gummy. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you should go for a piece of chocolate that will be quickly consumed and also easily washed away. These are a few food items that you must avoid, and apart from these highly damaging ones, you should also maintain a safe distance from dried fruits, ice, wine, and pickles.