Coffee Or Tea: Which One Should You Prefer?

A majority of us find it impossible to start the day without a strong cup of hot beverage, i.e., coffee or tea. Generally, coffee works to offer you an instant boost in energy, whereas coffee is preferred when you are utterly tired and want to spend a few moments in peace. Each of these beverages has its own set of benefits and dangers. Though most of it falls in the healthy category, you must know the harmful factors that it comes with. Among various research cases, it is shown that the moderate use of these two beverages will give you a higher chance of forestalling Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease. In a recent development from WHO, the body has removed coffee from the list of suspected culprits responsible for cancer. Not just this, coffee seems to play a massive role in fetching down the chances of colon cancer coming back once the treatment is done. Tea has also proven its worth in various research studies. There are also scattered pieces of evidence showcasing the positive impact of tea on prostate, breast, or skin cancer. The exact reason behind this phenomenon is yet unknown to the experts. In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of the two hot beverages.

Coffee Or Tea Which One Should You Prefer

Coffee Or Tea Which One Should You Prefer


If you feel yourself in a confusing spot, we believe that this pros and cons comparison will help you make an informed decision.
1. Our body needs water, and a majority of us lack to fulfill the required amount. Tea is the perfect beverage that you can consume to compensate for the water deficiency.
2. With just the correct type of tea, you will get to boost your energy levels in a blink. If you want to get a relaxed vibe, you should go for a different type.
3. The theine present in the tea will help you start functioning early after waking up.

1. If you are not attentive, certain types of teas are available that will keep the mind awake at night.
2. For a pregnant woman, an imbalanced tea intake might cause a few problems.


A vast number of people likes the beverage, and you can guess it by the fact that it is being called a ‘gift from heaven. In this section, we will discuss the pros and cons of the same. Let’s dive in.


1. The physical performance of an individual will be instantly boosted by caffeine. It will help significantly during workouts.
2. Due to potassium and magnesium, coffee will also help several people lose weight. It will primarily be done by reducing sugar cravings.
3. It will also improve mental alertness, and you can quickly get on a routine of consuming 1 to 6 cups a day.
4. Just like tea, it also has the properties responsible for reducing the risk of cancer development.


1. The quality of coffee must remain the focal point. A bad quality one will be highly toxic to your body.
2. It is seen in some research cases that coffee is the primary culprit of restlessness and insomnia.



Final Thoughts

Though both beverages are considered the best sources of antioxidants and caffeine, coffee will have it in double the quantity. After comparing the two, one can easily say that one can’t put tea over coffee or vice-versa. If you are struggling to pick one, the best way to do it is by just going through the effects of both the beverages and selecting one of your choices.