Elevate Your Cheese Board With These Toppings

Perfect amalgamation gives birth to perfect recipes with luscious taste and quintessential aroma. Cheese is one of the most consumed dairy products ranging up to 28.1 kgs per capita and can be ameliorated by adding a few toppings to enrich the taste. Although many combinations go together with different types of cheese, below are a few heads-up for those looking to elevate their cheese boards for upcoming get-together or parties.
Our list contains toppings for all seasons and all events. These toppings are already used by many worldwide and have gained quite a lot of attention due to their authentic flavors and exotic taste.

Elevate Your Cheese Board With These Toppings

Elevate Your Cheese Board With These Toppings

Mediterranian Olives

All ready to amp up your cheese platter during this summer? Mediterranian olives serve your cheese right. The Mediterranean olives are full of fiber, protein, healthy fats, and nutrients that you need to keep your body satisfied and healthy. The best go with kalamata is the feta cheese as it enriches the taste as well as the color of your dish, making it a complete platter.

Figs and Grapes

Figs and Grapes are as old as their name sounds, coming with an upright and easy design but with pungent and taste buds pleasing taste. Roasted figs are the most prominent way of using them to make the cheeseboard more attractive and smell more authentic. The classic combination to put along with figs and grapes is with the famous Italian cheese Parmigiano-Reggiano as the sharp, nutty flavor of the cheese is well justified with the savory and roasted toppings.

Figs And Grapes

Figs And Grapes


Olives are pretty famous throughout the Mediterranean and are a good part of snacks that go well with cheese. Olives, be it green or black, are rather befitting for the cheeseboard. Olives are primarily used to enrich the taste and add colors to the cheeseboard. The most commonly used olives are Kalamata, Cerignola, Luque, and Picholine. Olives are even marinated with the cheese to add a scent to that of the cheese.


Best suited for winter, the artichoke tapenade does complete justice when it comes to using it for the winter cheeseboard. Although artichoke is not just bound to the winter season but indeed is best suited for the winters. New years can be made exotic with this combination gives your body a little warmth and energy to better sustain the winters. The texture and smoothness of the cheese board give life to this dish and make it look more splendid.

Pesto Tapenades

Pesto Tapenades is best served with cream cheese as the merger of both benefits the dish’s appearance as well as its taste. This dish is relatively easy to make and is rich in nutrients with a basic yet attractive appearance. Although most of the pesto tapenades are roasted or baked, there is no compromise on the taste.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes

What better way to cherish the summers than having sundried tomatoes as a part of your dish. The best part about using sun-dried tomatoes with fresh mozzarella cheese is that they can be served upright without prior garnishing. The dish tastes best with roasted garlic adding taste, smell and making it attractive with a woody touch.

Garlic/Artichoke Confit

These ingredients might sound like jumping out of the flavor train, but it’s undoubtedly more than that. Add-ons like nut-cracker and olives can be an exotic combination with them. The best-suited cheese in his case is also the mozzarella chase with roasted garlic confit or artichoke confit. The cheese board looks exciting with bright colors and an authentic smell. Garlic, with its pungent smell, makes its presence in the dish quite clear.