What Eating Only Raw Diet For A Week Can Do To Your Body

The raw food diet has recently gained popularity and is believed to lead to weight loss and improve your overall health. But it is not all good either. There are side effects and risks in following this diet, just like any other diet. First, let us understand what a raw food diet is and what it will do to your body in a week.

What Eating Only Raw Diet For A Week Can Do To Your Body

What Eating Only Raw Diet For A Week Can Do To Your Body

What Is a Raw Food Diet?

This diet is also known as raw foodism and raw veganism, and some people follow this diet as a lifestyle choice throughout their whole life. This diet mainly consists of natural and entirely unprocessed food items. So for the food item to be considered raw, it should not be heated over 40-degree celsius, refined in any way, pasteurized, or processed in any other way. This diet is all plant-based and only consists of fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds. You can juice them, blend, dehydrate, soak and sprout these items but not process them. Some people add dairy to their diet and even eggs. This means that you cannot eat tea, coffee, alcohol, refined sugar, flour, junk food, etc. You will have to let go of any baked, fried, roasted, and cooked items. Abstaining from so many things requires a lot of effort, and it constantly calls for self-control. Most people cannot follow it too long. But even following for some time can offer a lot of benefits.

What Does Raw Food Diet Do To The Body In a Week?

There are numerous benefits to the diet. Some of them are mentioned below –

What Does Raw Food Diet Do To The Body In A Week

What Does Raw Food Diet Do To The Body In A Week

Clear And Smooth Skin

The diet of raw food dramatically improves the condition of the skin within a week. This will be the first thing you will notice and the most compelling reason to follow this diet. Since you won’t be eating anything fried and too sugary, your skin will start glowing, and your blemishes will almost disappear. So even if you don’t intend to follow this diet for too long, you should at least follow it for 1 or 2 weeks until your skin is in its best condition. Follow this diet a few weeks before any special day to bring your naturally glowing self to the event.
Improved Bowel Movement

Since the food that you will be consuming isn’t processed, it is easier to digest. Cooking or any process supposedly takes away many nutrients from the meal and leaves you with some bloating. If you have a problem with diarrhea or constipation, following this diet for a week is recommended. It is also a good diet to follow if you have trouble keeping the food down. If you have vomited too much, have a fruit or two to sustain yourself for the time being.

Increased Immunity
As the food is not being processed, the food items retain all the nutrients that it has when you eat it. A diet so high in nutrition will effectively make your body stronger when it comes to fighting against any virus and illnesses.

Weight Loss
Consuming plant-based food items has always helped reduce diet as it keeps you feeling full, and the amount of calories you consume is very less. It is especially compared to fried and junk food. The high fiber content in the diet makes you feel full, which reduces the chance of binge eating, and thus it further helps keep the weight in check.

Improved Heart Condition
This diet is low on sodium so it reduces the chances of heart failure within a week. The blood vessels start to clear out in this diet and further improve the condition of the heart.

Reduced Risk Of Diabetes
A diet filled with so much fiber and other nutrients improves digestion and heart health which in turn greatly reduces the risk of diabetes.

Feel Energized
Since you are not eating food like carbs and meat, you will not feel drowsy in the afternoon after a heavy lunch. There will be no bloating after dinner either. You will be filled with renewed energy and with the glowing skin, you will start to look and feel young again.