What Soft Drinks And Soda Do To Your Body?

The publicity gimmicks of the brands all over the place have made almost everyone out there become prey of these sugars in liquids form. The acidic liquids are making our body hollow inside.
The question lies in the ingredients of the liquid inside those cans and bottles. It is no secret that added sugars are harmful to your well-being because they contain nothing but hollow calories. It has been observed that every week, a new health risk is discovered to be caused by these caffeinated sugary liquids.
Consuming a high amount of sugar is unhealthy in any form. It has been satisfactorily proved and established that our body treats liquid sugar differently as it does with solid sugar. Some people just cut off from these beverages to lose weight, but the reality is that it affects beyond increasing belly fat.

A few of them are mentioned below-

What Soft Drinks And Soda Do To Your Body

What Soft Drinks And Soda Do To Your Body


Excessive sugar intake in the body can lead to Type 2 diabetes. The US National Library of Medicines circulated a journal in which they had put in their observations that consuming sugar-sweetened beverages like soda, soft drinks, and other packaged juices result in the symptoms of the onset of Type 2 diabetes. The same Type 2 is also caused due to obesity among people. Apart from actually causing the risk of diabetes, it also puts you in a prediabetic condition. A prediabetic condition means that your blood sugar level is high compared to others but not as high as that of a diabetic patient. The situation is very alarming since a prediabetic patient has a 25% risk of developing Type 2 diabetes over the next five years.

Skin Issues

Within twenty minutes of drinking the fizzy beverage, our insulin level spikes up, resulting in converting sugar to fat. As a result, an overproduction of oils and clogs leads to an increment in pimples and wrinkles. Moreover, it also leads to disruptions in our digestive system leading to high toxin content in our body. All of these ultimately lead to various skin challenges like skin flares and breakouts. Even the diet sodas seen as calorie and sugar-free have the same acidic level and cause dull and lifeless skin.

Pregnancy Issues

Quite shocking but true! High sugar intake affects both genders equally. The Rochester Young Men’s Study conducted an experiment with 188 men aged between 18-22, establishing that men who drank high sugar beverages experienced lower mortality in the sperm and even a low sperm count. It is lowered by 33 percent among men, whereas the pregnancy chances of women reduce by 25 percent.

Chronic Diseases

The sugar in the liquids highly upsurges the metabolism rate in the human body. This escalation in the rate leads to increased cholesterol and tons of inflammatory factors that contribute to a higher risk of heart diseases. Nevertheless, health studies have also stated that people who consume excessive sugar drinks can also fall into the trap of heart diseases irrespective of following a high protein, energy-giving healthy diet. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is also common.

Chronic Diseases

Chronic Diseases

Tooth Decay

The secret to having pearly white teeth is that you must give up on any acidic and carbonic liquids or soft drinks, and sodas top the list. The acidic properties in these packaged drinks slurp all the calcium from the teeth leading to decay and erosion. Apart from this, they can also stain the surface of your teeth (Oh no! Smile ruined?).