Best Fat-burning Cardio Workouts

We will be honest enough and tell you it is not as easy to burn fat as it is to put it on. You may take three or four months to burn up to 50 pounds, but a few wrong diet choices twice can lead you to put it back on within a month or less. Of course, we deem it to be unfair treatment. However, when you focus on a good workout strategy in addition to an effective dieting plan, you will realize that it does not seem so hard to maintain the figure you have worked so hard for. If you are looking to burn some extra fat but is looking for the routines that work, here are a few with proven success stories:

Best Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

Best Fat Burning Cardio Workouts


Sprinting is not everyone’s game, but if you are looking to burn some extra calories and lose that unwanted fat, you may need to consider adding it to your workout strategy. When you do sprint, your body’s heart rate increases, thus triggering your body to increase your metabolic rate. One of the most exciting features of sprinting is that even after you have stopped, your body’s metabolism rate is still at a high even up to four days after you have finished. As such, your body will still be burning fat in what is known as “afterburn,” and calories are still being dropped off with less rigorous exercises. The process in this workout regime is called the ‘excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) effect.

High-Intensive Interval Training (HIIT)

Doing HIIT will help you to burn a lot of calories from the intensive workout routine, and the more calories you burn, the more fat your body releases. The process of HIIT will see you going for up to 30 minutes at high-intensive activities like sit-ups and pull-ups as well as speed weightlifting. Of course, though you will lose a lot of weight from this strategy, bear in mind also that not all fat will be shed as some will be transformed into muscles.


Swimming is a rigorous sport that will see you involving your entire body in working out. As such, you will burn a lot of calories and, in return, shed some additional fat for all that work. Swimming is also effective in helping you to tone your muscles by eliminating bad fat from the body and converting the good ones to improving other areas. Your cardiovascular and cognitive health will be greatly improved as you reduce the chances of a clogged artery while building stability and focus. After all, it is said the more relaxed you are doing a workout, the easier you will be in achieving your desired goals.


When you cycle, you increase your heart rate and, in return, push your body in a state to burn calories and lose weight. Doing sharp cycling will burn the extra carbs from your body while doing slow long distant rides will increase the fat-burning ability of the exercise.



Rope Jumping

As a child, this was one of the most interesting activities for kids, and without even knowing, it is one of the most effective in burning fat. Seeing rope jumping is a full-body workout, you burn calories fast while improving the strength and stability of other body parts. It is believed you can burn more than ten calories for every one minute of jumping.