Exercises You Must Do To Burn Fat: Top 5 Options

Most of us have attempted to lose some of our body fat; however, once the journey starts, we learn about the complexities, and a number of us choose to drop mid-way. For a lot of us, it is also our new year’s resolution, and if you are the one who struggles to keep going, we can understand your emotion. Some various tips and tricks are available online. However, none of them seems enough to work to get the motivation. One busy schedule has forced us to stay glued to the computer screens, and it is one of the primary factors responsible for the increasing number of obesity. Specific devices help us keep mobile where we get notifications to move in case we are idle for too long. These devices also send us to push alerts to stay hydrated. However, if you are looking to start a journey to lose some fat, we would highly recommend bringing some routine changes so that it becomes a tad easier. This blog will discuss the top 5 exercises you can start with to get some drastic results in the weight loss journey. Now, without any further adieu, let’s dive right into it.

Exercises You Must Do To Burn Fat Top 5 Options

Exercises You Must Do To Burn Fat Top 5 Options


You must include a jogging/running session in your routine to get yourself in perfect shape. It will not only allow you to shed some calories but also be the best stress buster. As per the studies, a person with 70kg weight can burn around 290 calories in a running session of 30 minutes. It’s the best way to lose visceral fats that are highly harmful to the body.


There are high chances that you have been avoiding it due to the pollution levels in your area. However, you can join a gym or get a stationary cycling machine that will allow you to stay indoors while getting the same perks. Cycling has proven the perfect way to maintain insulin levels, avoid cardiovascular illnesses, and more.


Swimming must not be skipped when discussing sports activities focused on providing a weight loss journey. An hour of swimming will allow you to burn around 500-700 calories. One of the significant advantages you get from swimming is that there is zero impact on the joints, unlike cycling and jogging. Not just the weight loss, swimming will also be significantly helpful in getting good flexibility and posture.


One of the most intensive physical workouts to go for is playing basketball, which will allow you the stretching activity that is essential to losing body fat. Also,o basketball is a perfect option to spend quality time with your family and will let you get in shape. It’s intensive because it will offer a package where running, jumping, alertness, and stretching will be included. The calories burned in an hour session will be around 500 to 680.




The most demanding feature that this sport requires is flexibility and quick response. If you are following a weight loss journey, gymnastics will turn out to be significantly helpful. It will teach you the techniques to be swift and train your mind to balance your body in challenging situations. For those looking for an average calorie burn, it will be around 350 to 500 in an hour. Doing gymnastics regularly will allow you to get a perfectly toned body.