Types Of Workout To Do At Home: Without Any Equipment

For the fitness freaks, there is nothing more disappointing than reaching the gym and finding out, it’s closed. Well, there are so many people who are facing it on a daily basis and you, my friend are not alone. There are innumerable times when we have put our deep curses on maintenance and have returned home in melancholy. Well, now you are here, and you are never going to miss your workout, like ever again. Not only due to your gym closed, but there are also numerous reasons that can make you skip the workout. The most common one is you are running short on time and are unable to make it.

Types Of Workout To Do At Home Without Any Equipment

Types Of Workout To Do At Home Without Any Equipment

You will also skip the workout if you don’t have your favorite dumbbells or bands with you. In this blog, I am going to inform you about a few workouts that you can do without any need for equipment. When you don’t have the necessary tools, you can use gravity as the resistance band and in no time, you will be working out without skipping a single day. It might sound cliche to you but all you need in terms of equipment to workout is your will and body. Let’s see why is that so.


Well, everyone has heard of it and there is a reason why it’s almost everyone’s favorite. Among a range of other bodyweight exercises, push-ups are most effective. You can do 3 to 5 sets as far as you can go by maintaining good form. Between each set, a minute break is sufficient. Make sure the distance between both hands is approximately the width of your shoulder.

Air Swimming

If you want to put your focus on postural muscles, air swimming is the best workout to do at home with no equipment. As the name suggests, you will need to lay down on your stomach with hands and legs fully stretched. Hands should be stretched over the head. Now, all you need to do is squeeze your glutes. Also, in between, keep inhaling and exhaling repeatedly, holding each one for 4 seconds.


Doing squats is one of the most crucial parts of your daily routine. You can also call it a multi-tasker exercise where it gives you the ability to improve balancing, burning fat, better circulation, and strengthen the core and back along with an overall muscle gain. If you are trying to find a workout schedule without any equipment, squats are a must.




It is also quite an intensive activity where you take squats a level up. Here, you will get to shift your weight a step forward or backward. However, there are some people who believe lunges are just for the legs. It’s not true. It’s much more than that, essentially, you will be working with glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Along with it, you will also be using your core and back muscles to balance your body.


It is a lot of people’s favorite no-equipment exercise where you can do it in any variation of choice. It will also include the whole body and it primarily focuses on strengthening the core. Though it might seem a little complex, once you are in the position, there will be no difficulty. Try to hold for as long as you can to maintain the form, and do 3-4 sets with the rest of 1 minute between each set.

Apart from these workouts, you can also opt for any and all the balancing poses. It will bring your whole body to work along with some mind games to keep yourself balanced.